Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pray it Off Ellen McCauley 12/11/14 Welcome to Wellness Dr. Cruse Howe Part 1

Dr. Cruse Howe intro:

Dr. Cruse and his brother, David, are second generation chiropractors practicing right here in the Westvale area.  If you recall the former Bishop Ludden Rectory’s location, that is now the Howe Chiropractic Office and Westside Wellness, and has been since 1982, ironically enough.  Some of you may have known Dr. Cruse’ father, Cruse J. Howe, who practiced nearly 50 years here in town.  In these 2 generations, this year the Howe’s celebrate their 60th year in practice on the west side of Syracuse.  If you haven’t seen them yourself, you probably know someone who has.

Speaking of which, I have to extend our heart-felt thanks to our own Joe Hubert for suggesting we bring Dr. Cruse in to speak to us tonight. Thank you Joe!

Dr. Cruse has a remarkable personal testimony that I understand he’ll be sharing with us tonight.  He himself suffers with chronic pain – and when he tells his story, you’ll understand why.  And here’s a head’s-up folks: for those of you that are suffering from pain or limited mobility of any sort, pay very close attention this evening as Dr. Cruse will be sharing dietary strategies to reduce pain and inflammation – for many, very dramatically so.

Dr. Cruse is passionate about this message, and you’ll find that it dovetails perfectly with what we’re all working on here in our Pray it Off group.  He coaches patients and nutrition clients every day, he works and speaks corporately here in Central New York – and get this: as if he didn’t have enough going on, he’s gearing up for another ski season, as in his spare time he teaches skiing at Labrador Mountain!

He knows his stuff, and he’s a lot of fun.  Pay close attention and buckle in for some good information folks. 

So .. please help me in giving a very warm Pray it Off welcome to Dr. Cruse Howe.

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