Monday, October 28, 2013

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Pray it Off 10/24/13 Song: Nothing Left of Me Sung by Joel Engle

Nothing Left Of Me by Joel Engle

Your sacrifice is brokenness
A heart that's full of
Tenderness come and break me Lord
To seek You in Your righteousness
To find You in Your holiness
Come and take me Lord

CHORUS:  That I could learn to trust You
In every way to love You
Strip away all that remains for Your glory and Your
Name 'til there's nothing left of me
Burn the kingdoms I have made that You would shine
And I would fade 'til there's nothing left of me
'til there's nothing left of me

Your Spirit is the only One that can conform me
To Your Son, let Him move in me
Your grace is written deep in me
You've signed my heart to purity with Your holy blood

Strip away all that remains for Your glory and Your
Name 'til there's nothing left of me
Burn the kingdoms I have made that You would shine
And I would fade 'til there's nothing left of me
'til there's nothing left of me (repeat)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

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Pray it Off 10/3/13 Staying Positive

PIO Affirmations
Fall 2013

1.     I can do this.
2.     I can persevere.
3.     I am honest to myself.
4.     I need to thank God daily for all my blessings and ask for his help to exercise more.
5.     I am who God make me!
6.     Believe in yourself.
7.     Give yourself and easy tomorrow. Do it today.
8.     Trust yourself to make good choices of foods to eat using wisdom and kindness and organizing your routine to follow menus and exercise.
9.     I know that I can lose weight and exercise.
10.                        This time I will not fail!
11.                        I ride my bike daily while I say my rosary with EWTN @ 7:30 A.M. with free weights.
12.                        I choose to sing to the Lord. Sing with happiness. Sing of my need of Him.
13.                        I will work harder and be more motivated about losing the weight I so desperately need to lose.
14.                        I will lose 10 lbs. by spring a day at a time.
15.                        I trust in PIO. Both the weight loss program and the beloved saint, to help me be successful in my desire to be healthy and fit.
16.                        I would live to stop comparing myself to someone that is smarter and slimmer than I am. It is so easy to.
17.                        I choose to budget my calories by making careful food selections.
18.                        I will reach my 40 lb goal this session. I will believe in myself and I will believe that God is at my side and will guide me at all times. I will not worry about daily problems but will leave all in God’s hands.
19.                        I am a worthwhile person who deserves good things.
20.                        I want to look at myself and know that I can feel good about myself.
21.                        I need to exercise.
22.                        “I know I can, I know I can.”
23.                        I am going to walk in a room and have everyone think I’m looking really good for my age, or any age.
24.                        I visualize having energy for many years because I exercise 4 days a week.
25.                        I am determined to succeed by the grace of God and my efforts I shall.
26.                        I want to wear a pretty dress.
27.                        I will never give up. I can always begin again.
28.                        I need to pray to God more often like morning, noon and night. I need to ask God for help daily. I feel it’s wrong to ask God for help 4 yourself but to pray for help 4 others is alright.  I just include myself in the other group.
29.                        I am going to try to eat more vegetables! Which right now I eat none. I’m good at eating fruits. All kinds of fruits but corn and potatoes are the only vegetables I eat. So I will also try to eat more salad.
30.                        I do trust in Ellen and know she will help me say NO to ice cream.
31.                        I am going to exercise on a regular basis.
32.                        Have a positive attitude.
33.                        I’ll work on eating less bread. I will eat less bread as I’m strong in faith.
34.                        I believe I can make the connection between my Faith/Prayer, my struggle with weight loss and can be successful at it.
35.                        I want to lose weight and keep it off so I can bend over and tie my shoes without pain.
36.                        A positive affirmation for me is to write three items to be grateful for …writing versus eating helps keep me moving in body and spirit. Blessings flow like ink on paper.
37.                        I am going to cut back on my total daily calories.
38.                        I am going to trade carbs for vegetables.
39.                        I will resculpt myself into something leaner and healthier.
40.                        Make exercise an integral part of your life as you do sleeping, showering and eating healthily.
41.                        I am looking forward to be being healthy and whole.
42.                        I am motivated to continue my quest to lose weight until I am satisfied with myself.
43.                        I will look for better healthier food choices, and recipes and newer ways to exercise.
44.                        I have a supportive family that will help me in my weight loss journey. I am not alone.
45.                        I am a strong person and I can lose this weight and enjoy my life more and more.
46.                        I choose to exercise regularly. I choose to make positive healthy choices. I am at peace. My body heals quickly and easily.
47.                        I can live a more abundant life and treat my body as the Holy Temple that houses the Holy Spirit.
48.                        I am a beloved child of God. All things are possible with God.
49.                        When I walk down the sidewalk I want to float like a bubble in the breeze and when I run I want to glide like a bird of prey – swift and silent.
50.                        Healthy food makes me feel happy and healthy. Junk food makes me feel awful.
51.                        I will never weigh 292 again. Time to hit the track.
52.                        I am growing – I am learning that when it gets too hard to stand, I kneel … and it becomes easier to cope. I appreciate more, feel better and want to commit to losing weight, more faithfully.
53.                        I will be more active and more conscious of my food.
54.                        I have the power to lose weight.
55.                        I believe I can achieve my goal of 50 lbs by taking it 5 lbs at a time. Make good choices.
56.                        I will exercise at least 5 times a week.
57.                        Do the difficult and the whole world will notice.
58.                        I am going to cross over into the land of the 1oo’s and run ever deeper there in.
59.                        Walk 3 days a week and eat more fruit, less bread.
60.                        By believing in the Lord, with his help, I can do anything, Life if good with faith.
61.                        I will love myself and like much when I can spend time exercising.
62.                        I am so blessed that I have no health problems because of my weight.
63.                        I can be happy and healthy. I deserve to be at my healthy weight.
64.                        I am never going to need a seatbelt extender on a plane again.
65.                        Grant me St. Pio, through his intersession the grace of a healthy life style…. And please Lord help me to respect food always. I will be healthy for the rest of my life.
66.                        I want to get below 150lbs and picture myself thin.
67.                        I will be able to ride a roller coaster again.
68.                        Ellen, when I don’t feel like exercising, I will remind myself how good it is for me and know that I need to continue.
69.                        Will try not to have desserts and sweets after, and in between every meal. Big problem with me.

70.                        I know I can.