Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pray it Off 8/22/13 Weight Loss Success Story by Harold Solomon

Pray it Off 8/22/13 Weight Loss Success Story by John Melnyczuk

Pray it Off 8/22/13 Program Weight Loss Success Story by Joanne Melfi

Pray it Off 8/22/13 Dangers of Diet Soda & Fair Food and Drinking Water for Your Perfect Weight

Dangers of Diet Soda

Fat Festival? Calories in Food at the Fair
The scary truth about foods found at fairs, festivals, and amusement parks. Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD

Perfect Weight America: ComponentDrink for Your Perfect Weight

Pray it Off Ellen McCauley - Original Song Lyrics - Mary Said Yes

Mary Said Yes
By Ellen M. McCauley

How the world was changed forever
By one young girl who chose to say yes.
All alone, confused and frightened,
She trusted God and gave Him her best.

Trumpets sounded in Heaven.
Joyful Angels wept with gladness.
Our salvation was born of a woman,
With her free will she chose to say yes.

God had said the mother of Jesus
Was picked to be a woman most blessed.
She replied, when asked by His angel,
“Let what you have said be done to me, yes”.

She, the favored one’s been chose to
Bear the precious Son of the Lord
Hail to Mary full of God’s grace
For through her child forgiveness was poured.

Upon this day we all should remember,
The one small word that started this fest.
Word made flesh to take on our burdens
It all came true when Mary said, “Yes”.

She cried, “Yes, I trust in You Lord.
Yes, I’ll do as you say
Yes, my will, will be what Your will is
From this day on; each and every day. 

We can learn so much from her courage,
When we are faced by trials of our own.
Faith is born, a child in a manger
And with Him peace like the world’s never known.

Join celestial choirs
Words from hearts unfurl
Sing of trust that lives on forever
And drowns all doubt left behind in this world.

Pray it Off 8/22/13 Song - What Faith Can Do by Kutlass

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pray It Off 8/8/13 Why People Don't Change

Why People Don’t Change – 3 Reasons and 5 Things You Can Do
By Debbie Roberts & Werner Hofstatter

Pray it Off 8/8/13 - The Habit Change Cheat Sheet

The Habit Change Cheatsheet:

29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior

Pray it Off 8/8/13 Set Up Habit Changes So It's Hard to Fail

Engineer Life: Set Up Habit Changes So It’s Hard to Fail

Pray It Off 8/8/13 Song - Change by Sierra

CHANGE by Sierra

At the gate of indecision
This thing called sovereignty
Questioning what i believe
My faith is bound by what i see
But there is so much more
Outside this box
I've built around my heart

Change the way I'm thinking
Who you are again
Into the deepest part of my soul
I need to feel your love inside
Oh, make a change
'til I trust you with my life

For a hand to steady me
For the strength to just hang on
Undo everything I’ve done
Make me yours, make us one
Until the world can see without a doubt
You're living in my heart

Turn it all around, turn it upside down
Take all I know
I surrender