Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Not Forgotten. NEVER Dedicated to the Veterans of the Korean War 50th Anniversary 2001 By Ellen M. McCauley

He’s an Usher at our Church;
Has never missed a week.
Walks stiff-legged down the aisles,
Guiding faithful to their seats.

Lingering behind the flock,
I said hello one day.
Then I kindly asked him how
He had come to walk that way.

Touched by my inquiry
He stared off into space
“I’m one of the “Chosin Few”,
Would be dead but for God’s grace.

You probably don’t remember,
Were born a little late.
Korea is forgotten.
Never dreamed that’d be our fate.”

“NO, I never will forget
What men like you have done.
Duty, honor, weren’t just words,
Meant life and death, at Chosin.

There are so many like me,
Who bless you every day;
With hearts up-turned to heaven,
We thank God for you and pray.

Korea’s not forgotten
Though fifty years’ve, gone by,
Since you risked your precious life
And so many others died.”

He could not hide the wonder
From showing in his eyes
“How does a woman your age
Know about Chosin, he cried?”

“My fathers’ bedtime stories
Were ones I loved the best.
A Leatherneck, he nightly,
Told me of his greatest test.

Twelve thousand U.S. Marines
Encircled on all sides
Sixty Thousand enemies
Freezing, snow and no supplies.

They just would not surrender.
Would not desert their friends.
“RETREAT, HELL NO”, not ever
Fighting to the bitter end.

You’re not forgotten. NEVER!”
I took his hand in mine.
“I want to thank you proper”
Then I hugged him for a time.

“You’ve made an old man happy”
Then turning from that place.
His smile never wavered,
As the tears streamed down his face.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Promise by Ellen M. McCauley

This is a Weight Loss Blog but I don't believe anyone will have a problem if I log an entry today that is dedicated to Mother's Day. I posted this poem last year on Mother's Day and will do it every year in honor of my own Mother, Ellen J. McCauley, and for all Mothers.

I thank God, every day, that my Mom is still alive and kickin'!! She's a character who spawned an even bigger character in me, and I love her more than words can ever express.

One day I tried to imagine what it must be like for those who have lost their beloved mothers and I came up with this poem.

A Mother’s Promise

By Ellen M. McCauley

Dedicated to my own mother, Ellen, on Mother's Day

She promised she would never leave
You asked how that could be
She put her arms around you tight
Said listen close to me.

You’ll hear my laugh at happy times
When everything is bright.
I’ll be there too when times are tough
And hope’s as black as night.

I’ll come to mind through little things
The smell of just baked treats
Homemade sauce, hot casseroles
The feel of fresh washed sheets.

When you have to choose from right or wrong
You’ll think what I would do.
Then pray to God like you were taught
And the answer will break through.

Sometimes an old familiar song
Will give you a good chill
And I’ll be the breeze upon your brow
When you are old and ill.

Nothing can separate you from my love
It will always be us two.
Not time, not death, not anything
For I’ll live inside of you.