Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pray it Off Song 11/12/15 - Grateful - A Love Song to the World

“Grateful: A Love Song to the World” Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod You’re my life, You’re my breath, You’re a smile You’re my guest You’re the earth You’re the sun You’re the grass You are love You’re my hands You’re a bug You’re my eyes You’re a hug You’re the light In the dark You’re the spark You are fun You’re my mom You are water You’re the stars You’re my daughter You’re my friend Till the end You’re my dreams You’re my father You’re the ants on the ground The miracles that surround I’m feelin’ it all around The hemisphere and the clouds You’re my pain you’re my sorrow You’re my hope for tomorrow You’re the strength when I’m hollow You’re the path that I follow You’re the blessings that exist The small things that are bliss The gift to realize that Everything is a gift Chorus: All that I am All that I see All that I’ve been and all that I’ll ever be Is a blessing It’s so amazing And I’m grateful for it all, for it all You’re the blessings Every time I try to count, You’re the lessons That l learn Every time I turn around, You’re the water when I’m burned Every time I think I’ve found Everything I’m looking for, You’re the sign sayin’ Stop to take a bow And keep moving forward And start looking towards your heart, it’ll open all the doors And only then you’ll start To hear the world sing in chorus With your mind and heart Aligned in purpose Everything will feel gorgeous Chorus Everyday I sit and pray Cuz what I have is More than I deserve Or could ever imagine How do I give back To all of this magic And spread the love So everybody can have it Doesn’t matter if I’m rich or poor If I gotta family or if I’m all alone Bad things happen I can just complain and moan But there’s a million things that I can be grateful for So I lift up my hands now And I open my heart And my gratitude goes out To everything near and far Final Chorus: Everything I am And everything I see Everything I hope And everything I dream Everything I feel And everything I be I Look deep down And feel all the blessings I’m grateful for it all It’s amazing Chorus You’re the blessings that exist The small things that are bliss The gift to realize that Everything is a gift.

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