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Pray it Off 12/12/12 Peace on Earth by Ellen M. McCauley

Beginning With Me
By Ellen M. McCauley

            How many times have you said to yourself, “Nothing I do will affect peace on earth; it’s up to the politicians and world leaders, I have no power, I’m just one Jane/John Doe in Smalltown, USA.”
 I believe we underestimate the power of words; just plain words.  How many misunderstandings, fights, or wars have started over words?
            As so often in life, the secret is so simple.  We can start on Christmas, the day that celebrates the birth of Jesus and we can all promise to do the following:

1.      I will never call anyone a name.  I will recall how I felt when someone called me one.
2.      I will abolish certain words from my vocabulary; retard, brain-dead, fat, stupid, ugly, gay, etc. etc. etc.
3.      If I hear someone using those words I will GO OUT OF MY WAY to nicely correct them i.e. “My sister is mentally handicapped and it hurts me to hear the word retard.”  They may laugh at me but they will remember. 
4.      I will never use a racial slur.  If I hear someone use one, I will GO OUT OF MY WAY to nicely correct them (unless I fear the person may cause me bodily harm) i.e.  “It hurts me to hear that kind of racial insensitivity.”  They may ignore me but they will remember.
5.      I will not spread gossip.  I will imagine that people are talking about me behind my back, each time I am tempted to gossip.
6.      I will not tell a lie to hurt another.  I will think about a lie that hurt me.
7.      I will think before I talk.  A novel concept but I will try it.
8.      Each day, I will say one nice thing to someone who looks like they need a kind word; even it’s just, “Hello”.
9.      I will love God first, then myself, then everyone else.
10.  I will use my words to pray, unceasingly to ask God to help me in my efforts, and others in theirs, and for the politicians and world leaders who need all the prayers they can get.

“Let there be Peace on Earth, and Let it begin with me”.

Pray it Off 12/12/12 Song - I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns

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