Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pray It Off 05/17/12 The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet
A total diet and lifestyle approach continues to be one of the best prescriptions for a long, healthy life.
By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD  WebMD Expert Column

Pray It Off 05/17/12 What The Mayo Clinic Says About The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet: Choose this heart-healthy diet option

The Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy eating plan combining elements of Mediterranean-style cooking. Here's how to adopt the Mediterranean diet.

By Mayo Clinic staffhttp://www.mayoclinic.com/health/mediterranean-diet/CL00011

Pray It Off 05/17/12 What is Lean Body Mass & How Do You Build It?

By Erik Devaney 

By Kevin Rail

Pray it Off 05/17/12 Dr. Oz 100 Foods That Should Be in Your Shopping Cart & Healthy Food Chart

Pray it Off 05/17/2012 Song - Breathe - Sung by Hillsongs

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pray It Off 05/10/12 Guest Speaker - A Local Doctor Discusses Weight Loss

Pray It Off 05/10/12 - Guest Speaker - Local Doctor Answers Weight Loss Questions

Do any weight loss supplements work? Are they safe? Is it okay to take a “diet pill” when trying to lose weight if you are following a program, for a little help? What “diet pills” are recommended?

Why do men lose weight faster than women?

Can you ward off cholesterol medicine with diet and exercise if your cholesterol is already high?

If a person has the shakes from low blood sugar, what healthy foods can they eat to counteract that quickly?

What in between meal snacks do your recommend if a person has low blood sugar?

How does one boost their metabolism?

What is your opinion on herbal supplements instead of thyroid medication?

What are the acceptable blood pressure readings now?

What is your opinion on gluten? A few nutritionists have said that gluten isn’t good for anyone, not just those with celiac disease. What do you think about it? 

 Many nutritionists recommend cleansings? Many people are using products to clean out their system then they slowly add foods to see if they have an adverse reaction to it. What is your opinion on this?

What can a person do who is trying very hard to lose weight, but are on some medications that have side effects of weight gain?

Do you think our bodies have a weight “set point” that is hard to get off of?

What if you’ve lost over 100 pounds but have been on a plateau for a long time and have seemingly tried everything – increasing exercise/limiting carbs? Any advice?

Mother's Day 05/13/12 A Mother's Promise Dedicated to Esther Uhler & Mary Frank

A Mother’s Promise
By Ellen M. McCauley

She promised she would never leave
You asked how that could be
She put her arms around you tight
Said listen close to me.

You’ll hear my laugh at happy times
When everything is bright.
I’ll be there too when times are tough
And hope’s as black as night.

I’ll come to mind through little things
The smell of just baked treats
 Homemade sauce, hot casseroles
The feel of fresh washed sheets.

When you have to choose from right or wrong
You’ll think what I would do.
Then pray to God like you were taught
And the answer will break through.

Sometimes an old familiar song
Will give you a good chill
And I’ll be the breeze upon your brow
When you are old and ill.
Nothing can separate you from my love
It will always be us two.
Not time, not death, not anything
For I’ll live inside of you.